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Support & Wellness Coaching for Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

If you or someone you love has CMT I would love to support you on your journey. I offer one-off or ongoing coaching sessions.  Feel free to email me for a price and we can chat about your needs.

Email: anna [at] soulful-skin.com

I can offer you:

  • Emotional support.
  • Experience of managing symptoms and thriving after surgery.
  • Nutritional support and coaching — a healthy diet can help to your increase energy levels.
  • Tools and strategies to help you cope with fatigue and find a balance (no pun intended!) that supports your daily life and activities.
  • Encouragement and support to help you maintain a positive outlook.

My CMT Story

My eldest daughter and I have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, CMT Type 1A.

Like many people with CMT, my high arches and foot pain led to several surgeries when I was younger, but the only reason given was the “funny feet” that ran in our family. Years of ankle sprains took their toll and my left foot finally gave out and resulted in foot drop when I was 37. At the time we were living in Spain and our daughters were very young—18 months and 4 years. I was devastated as I had no idea why my foot wouldn´t work and the resulting referred pain and inability to walk properly, or care for or pick up my toddler, led to emotional stress that took its toll on my body. I couldn´t run after an energetic 18 month old and I felt that my body was betraying me.

A year and a half passed before I found a surgeon who diagnosed me with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. This was in London and we spent a long, hot summer there while I had corrective surgery and recovered enough to fly back to Spain.

As soon as we arrived back in Spain we had our eldest daughter tested and she was positive for Type 1A and she has since had two tendon transfers in two years.

When I was in the midst of foot drop and surgery CMT definitely didn´t feel like a blessing, but it does now. I am grateful to have experienced a body that is “less than perfect”, for want of a better expression. Learning to accept and love my body as it is, has been a huge lesson and a gift I wouldn´t give up.

If you have CMT, learning to care for, nourish and respect your body is key to managing your symptoms positively. Muscle tiredness and fatigue is a side effect of CMT and you can increase your energy levels with the right diet, supplements and lifestyle choices that support your unique body. Managing your stress well and finding time for relaxation, stretching and exercises is also vital.

My goal with my daughter is to teach her how to stay fueled with the right foods that work to increase her energy levels and help maintain her ideal weight. The healthier she is and the more she knows about how to care for her body, the more positive and empowered she feels.

Charcot Marie Tooth disease can be an invisible disease and I believe that we have to support and uplift each other. I wish you all the best on your health journey.