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About Me

Photo of Anna Laugesen and her daughters

Hi! I’m Anna, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I want women and girls to know how amazing they can look and feel when they discover which foods fuel them.

I am especially passionate about showing teenage girls how to nourish their metabolism and feel at home in their body, because this is what I want for my own daughters.

I want my girls to avoid the mistakes I made. I want them to respect their body, to know which foods fuel them, how to balance their hormones naturally, and I want them to know how to send only kind and loving messages to their body.

Eating wholefoods and practicing self-love are a powerful combination, but for a long time they weren’t even on my radar. I had a host of health issues—candida overgrowth, leaky gut, low-bone density, a weakened immune system and out-of-whack hormones—phew! I wasn’t loving or respecting my body and I certainly wasn’t modelling that for my two daughters.

My eldest daughter and I have a genetic neurological disease ( read the full story here) which has resulted in multiple foot surgeries for both of us. At one time in my life, due to my left foot not functioning, walking and looking after my kids was a challenge. That experience taught me to be grateful for something we often take for granted: the simple ability to walk.  I am grateful to now have full use of both feet and I have since learn’t to never take my body for granted.

While recovering from foot surgery I started to change my diet and begin to heal my digestive system. I also had time to think about how I had been letting my body down not only with a poor diet, but with negative messages of not being good enough, “normal” enough, perfect enough or physically strong enough.

As soon as my eldest daughter was diagnosed with the same neuropathy I knew it was time to show her how important it is to love, nourish and accept your body, no matter what.

We now focus on eating wholefoods but perhaps most importantly of all, I now model for my daughters how to unconditionally love and accept your body.

Health is holistic. It’s our diet, our lifestyle and how we feel about ourselves. It’s about self-love at the deepest level.

Be kind to yourself as you strive to do your best and I hope that I can support you on your own health journey.

You can contact me at  anna [at] soulful-skin.com

I would love to hear from you!