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5 Things to Tell Your Daughter About Her Body

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 As a mother it is crucial to take the time to stop and reflect on the messages that we send our daughters.  I have two girls who absorb everything about me—how I treat myself, my attitude to my own health and body, my inner confidence level, whether I play the victim or whether I am empowered.

I didn´t always send my daughters the right messages. In fact, when they were young they ate processed food and they had a mother that needed to do a lot of her own physical and emotional healing work first. But thankfully children are amazingly positive and resilient by nature. My girls have survived all of my mistakes, and not only that, they have gone on to thrive.

It is never too late to show our daughters how to love, respect and care for themselves. Below are some messages that you can use to inspire your daughters and help lay a foundation for their own health and happiness.  What you teach your daughters now will have a profound impact on their future.

1. Your body is a gift—don´t ever take it for granted.

Not everyone is born with all of their limbs or with a healthy heart. Your body is a gift and deserves all of your respect, love and care. Be prepared to stand up for your body, don´t be afraid to be a little different and fight for the rights of your body. Say no to junk food, toxic makeup and anything else that is disrespectful to your body. Every day be thankful for the gift of a healthy body.

2. Your body wants you to have fun!

Swim in the ocean, dance ´til you drop, do any activity that makes you feel free and alive. The more you focus on the ways in which your body can bring amazing experiences, the more grateful you’ll feel. And the less you focus on the purely physical the less you´ll compare yourself to others. Move and exercise your body in a way that brings a feeling of freedom and joy.

3. Eat wholefoods and love your gut

You have to love your gut. It is the key to the health of your immune system and your hormones. A damaged gut leads to hormone imbalances. Hormonal balance is vital so that you can enjoy easy menstrual cycles, clear skin, good energy, a healthy weight and stable moods. Take probiotics or eat fermented foods, focus on eating wholefoods and make sure you eat plenty of healthy fats. Doing this will lay an important foundation for your future health as a woman.

4. Your body is wise, listen to its feedback

Tune in to your body and listen to its feedback. Do certain foods make you feel tired and sluggish? Which foods give you more energy? Notice how you feel when you eat more fruit, vegetables and healthy fats. Being aware of what makes you feel good allows you to make healthier choices. Learn what fuels your body. The more fuelled you are the more energy you will have to go out and have fun!

5. Your body thrives on kind words

Send only kind and loving thoughts to your body. Our cells are constantly renewing themselves, and they absorb the energy of our thoughts. Sending positive messages to your body is an important way to nourish yourself.  Be kind to yourself. No one deserves it more than you do.

Let me know in the comments what other positive messages you teach your daughters. :-)

5 Things to Tell Your Daughter About Her Body—Soulful Skin | Share these powerful messgaes with your daughter and help her to love and nourish her body.

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