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3 Keys to Having a Healthy Mindset

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When it comes to being healthy we all know how important it is to eat well. But diet isn´t the only part of our life that affects our health. Our mindset affects our food choices, how we prioritise our health and the messages that we send our body.  But how do we cultivate a mindset that will set us up for success? By practising these three keys daily, you can easily create a healthy mindset and a healthy body.

Be responsible

It is important to step up and take full responsibility for our own health. It isn´t someone else´s job to take the time to care for our body.  If we don´t make our own health a priority, who will? No-one. It starts and ends with us.

A part of being responsible for our own health is being honest with ourselves.  I know that in the past, I tried to kid myself that I was fine eating certain foods that deep down I knew weren´t right for my body. I just didn´t want to give them up and at the time, saying goodbye to dairy was hard!

It can be difficult at times to admit that we are making the wrong choices, and we may look to other people to tell us what to do and give them the responsibility over our body. But more often than not, we know the next step we need to take to improve our health, we just need to be responsible for ourselves and take it.

Be Aware

Cultivating awareness around what serves our body helps us to take responsibility for our own health.  To do this, we just need to check in with ourselves regularly. When we take the time to listen to our body, we notice signs and symptoms that are clues to what may or may not be serving us. For example, keeping a food diary for a period of time is a good way to track how you feel after eating certain foods, or you can simply notice if you feel tired and sluggish after eating something, and choose not to eat it again.

Being aware of how food makes you feel is a great start to finding the diet that will work best for your unique body. The same idea applies to exercise and relaxation. Choosing to move your body in a way that energises you, and brings you joy will serve your body more than following someone else´s strict exercise routine.  Maybe an afternoon window shopping relaxes you more than a yoga session. There is no right or wrong here, just awareness around what works for you and your body.

Be Flexible

I saved this for last because this is my favourite. Being responsible for our own health and being aware of what serves our body creates a powerful foundation for health. But within that important framework, flexibility is key.

Rigidity around eating a certain way, exercising in a certain way or even rigidity around self-care practises can create stress. Our body´s needs change as do our emotional needs and in order to respond to these changes, we need to be flexible. We need joy in our life to feel alive and energised. If we have created too many strict rules, we may find that we haven´t allowed enough room for spontaneity and joy. Even worse we may find ourselves feeling guilty.

As good as a kale smoothie

Guilt and stress can have profoundly negative affects on our body and mindset.  Whereas for example coffee, cake and a good laugh with friends can do us the world of good. But of course, when you are responsible for your own health, even in your flexibility you will find yourself making good choices for your body.

To create a healthy mindset practice being responsible for your own health, being aware of what serves you and being flexible enough to allow plenty of room for joy and fun. :-)


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