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Spelt banana and chocolate chip muffins—Soulful Skin

I promise you that everyone who tries these muffins absolutely loves them. The spelt flour gives them a light texture and they have the perfect mix of banana and chocolate. We have also used this recipe to make plain banana muffins and they turn out great. An adaptable recipe that takes no time at all […] Read More

Easy Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla

This simple, easy and slightly healthified version of the classic Spanish tortilla makes a delicious and versatile dish. You can serve it for lunch with a large salad, for dinner as a side dish or pop it into the school lunchbox. It was my Spanish mother-in-law who first showed me how to make a tortilla […] Read More

Potato Salmon Patties

What I love about these patties is that they are secretly packed with nutrition. Wild-caught salmon is very high in beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation in the body. Red potatoes are a delicious lower carb potato. The secret part is the resistant starch that is created when you cook and […] Read More